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3 Reasons To Consider Copper Roofing Tiles

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Copper roofing tiles are among the most effective roofing materials that you can possibly buy, mostly because of the large number of benefits that they can provide. Listed below are three reasons to consider copper roofing tiles when replacing your current roof or if you are building a new home.

Lighter Than The Competition

One of the biggest benefits provided by copper roofing tiles is that they tend to be quite a bit lighter than many of the other comparable roofing materials. For example, copper will typically weigh a fraction of the amount that either slate or ceramic roofing tiles will. This means that if you are installing copper roofing tiles, you will not need to worry about shoring up the roof or strengthening the roof's support structure in order to accommodate the weight, which also means that copper is a great option for a wide range of buildings.

Has A Long Lifespan

Another reason to consider copper roofing tiles is that they have a very long lifespan, especially when you compare them to many modern roofing materials that typically have a lifespan of 50 years or less. In many cases, a roof made out of copper tiles will typically last more than twice as long as many of the competing materials. Not only is this fantastic, because it allows you to rest assured that the copper roof will last longer than the time that you will spend in your home, but also because it means you are not going to have to replace the roof and end up contributing waste materials to your local landfill.

Capable Of Withstanding Damage

Finally, copper roofing tiles are also a fantastic option because they are capable of withstanding a lot of different types of damage. For example, copper roofing tiles are an extremely hard and durable material that termites are unable to feed on or dig into, which means that your roof is not going to have to be replaced due to insect damage. In addition, there is no danger of copper igniting if a spark ember from a fire lands on it, which means that it will not only withstand fire damage but also make it less likely that your home will catch on fire in the event of a neighborhood fire or even a wildfire encroaching on your property

Contact a local roofing contractor to discuss with their copper roofing tiles are the best possible fit for both your home and your individual needs. Copper roofing tiles are a great choice because they can provide you with a roofing structure that is lighter than the competition, has a long lifespan, and that is capable of withstanding damage.