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Addressing Common Issues With Ductless AC Systems

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Many homeowners favor ductless air conditioning systems for their energy efficiency and quiet operation. However, ductless AC systems can develop issues over time, and these issues can lead to the system failing to cool your home.

Recognize Common Signs That Your Ductless AC System May Need Repairs

Various signs may indicate that your ductless AC system needs professional attention. A frequent source of AC issues is a malfunctioning pressure switch. The pressure switch is responsible for ensuring that the refrigerant in the system is at the appropriate pressure. The system may shut down or fail to cool properly if the switch malfunctions.

A homeowner should not overlook instances where the system is experiencing decreased cooling or other performance issues. It can be a severe mistake for a homeowner to neglect to act quickly and early to repair minor problems before they cause system-wide impacts.

Common Repairs for Ductless AC Systems

Several common issues may need attention when repairing a ductless AC system. In addition to a malfunctioning pressure switch or dirty air filters, other common repairs may include replacing faulty components like fan motors. Additionally, refrigerant leaks may have to be patched, and the soils may need cleaning.

Regardless of the work that your ductless AC unit needs, it is essential to work with a professional to ensure that repairs are done correctly. After repairing these units, these professionals also conduct tests to verify the system is operating efficiently.

DIY Troubleshooting for Minor Issues

While some repairs may require professional assistance, homeowners can take several DIY troubleshooting steps to address minor issues with their ductless AC systems. Leaves and other debris clogging the exterior of the ductless unit could result in a system that is unable to cool the home and overheats. Cleaning the exterior may correct this problem. Another issue you can repair on your own is warped vent fins. The body of your unit will have a series of small fins to keep debris out while allowing air into the system. If these fins become warped, you can use a fin comb to bend them back into place. While this is a basic repair, poor airflow can be a major source of performance issues for any AC system.

Knowing the signs of common issues ductless AC systems experience and the types of repairs they may require can help you respond when these issues develop with your system. In addition to minimizing the time you are without effective AC, this may also limit the potential for further damage occurring and increase the repair costs. 

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