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Routine Maintenance and Repair Needs Your Air Conditioner Is Likely to Need

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Air conditioning systems are incredibly complex devices, and this can lead to them being vulnerable to experiencing a host of issues that will have to be addressed by homeowners. Not surprisingly, homeowners are frequently unaware of the full range of problems that they will be tasked with addressing if they are to keep their home's interior spaces cool and comfortable.

Sensor Malfunctions

Your air conditioning system will utilize a variety of sensors to function. The thermostat is one of the more commonly known. While the thermostat can be reliable, dust, electrical issues, and component failures can all impair its ability to effectively measure the temperature in the home. In addition to this component, your air conditioning unit will also have internal sensors. These sensors can prevent the unit from overheating and suffering major damage. Any malfunctions with the system's sensors can lead to noticeable performance issues, but finding the cause of this problem and repairing it is likely to be beyond the skillset or experience of a homeowner. However, an HVAC contractor will be able to fairly quickly isolate the sensor problem, which can allow them to discuss the repair options with you.

Flooding of the Unit's Interior

Water damage can be another source of major damage to an AC system. In particular, it can be possible for extensive interior flooding to damage the electronic components of the unit or to even cause metal items to corrode. While strong storms and flash flooding can be one source of this flooding, it is also possible for condensation inside the unit to cause these problems. When the unit is operating, it can produce large amounts of condensation that will need to drain from the unit. If the interior drain becomes clogged, the interior of the unit could quickly flood and suffer major damage that may even result in the unit needing to be replaced.

Impact Damage to the Exterior Unit

During a strong storm, high winds can send debris flying into your home's exterior at relatively high speeds. If this debris collides with the exterior of the air conditioning unit, it can be possible for it to suffer major damage. One example of this type of damage could be the exterior vents being bent or even crushed. Furthermore, these impacts can carry enough force to loosen internal connections or to cause alignment problems for moving components. If you notice dents, debris, or other signs of storm impacts, a professional AC repair provider should be hired to evaluate the system.

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