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Seven Details You Don't Want To Overlook Regarding Your Furnace Installation

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There are numerous details to consider when it comes to choosing a furnace and planning for furnace installation. The following are seven details you don't want to overlook regarding your furnace installation. 

The size of the furnace model you're having installed

One of the number one priorities when you have a furnace installed in your home is choosing a model that is of an appropriate size for your home. You need to calculate the BTUs you need your furnace to have using figures such as the square footage of your home and the climate zone you live in. 

The tasks you should take care of to prepare for installation day

Discuss preparation tasks with your furnace installation service. You'll want to get your home ready for installation day by clearing a path to the area in which your furnace will be installed.

You'll also want to tell everyone in your household when the installation will take place so that they know to steer clear of the spots in your home where your furnace installation technicians will be working. 

The scheduling for your furnace installation

If your home needs a new furnace installation, you're not going to want to have to wait too long. You need to agree on when your installation will take place and how long it will take. This way, you can plan activities in your home around the upcoming installation. 

The pros and cons of the type of fuel your new furnace will use

Fuel options for a new furnace installation include propane, gas, electricity, and solar energy. To decide which fuel option you should choose, you should compare the costs of these different fuels in your area.

Fuel costs will be an ongoing expense and a significant cost of ownership expense, so it's important to do your research. 

The warranty coverage that will go along with your furnace installation

A new furnace installation should come along with a warranty so that you can have confidence in the furnace model and the quality of the installation work.

Ask your furnace installation service about warranty options and costs. You might want to invest in an extended warranty if the costs of extended warranty coverage are reasonable. 

The maintenance schedule of the furnace model you choose

Get off on the right track with your new furnace installation by planning ahead for needed furnace maintenance.

Overlooking maintenance can decrease the efficiency and shorten the lifespan of your new furnace. This makes it important to focus on keeping up with maintenance needs when planning for your new furnace installation. 

The efficiency features of your furnace model

Compare efficiency ratings between various furnace models. Choosing a more efficient model can significantly reduce costs of ownership over time. A more efficient model is also better for the environment and reduces the carbon footprint of your household.  

For more information on furnace installation, contact a professional near you.