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Should You Call For Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs?

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Oftentimes, having a central cooling system is considered a luxury item rather and a necessity. Consequently, the need for air conditioning repairs may not be considered an emergency even if your air conditioner has stopped working altogether. However, this does not mean that it is always safe to wait until the next business day to contact an HVAC contractor regarding issues with your home's air conditioning unit. In fact, there are a few times when choosing to put off these repairs can definitely cause more harm than good. Continue reading to learn more about four times when you should definitely call emergency air conditioning services.

1. The Temperature Inside Your Home Is Dangerously High

Depending on where you live and what your current weather is like, going without a working AC system can be more than just an inconvenience, it can be an emergency. This is because when temperatures inside your home reach a certain level, anyone inside your home can be at a much greater risk for developing heat stroke or other heat-related illnesses. This concern is especially important to consider in homes with children or senior citizens since these individuals can be more prone to heat-related illnesses. If the temperatures inside your home are not just uncomfortable but are reaching dangerously high levels, it is important to call for emergency air conditioning repairs.

2. You Suspect A Coolant Leak

The coolant used inside your air conditioner can pose a serious health risk if you or your family are exposed directly to this controlled substance. If you have reason to believe that your air conditioner is leaking coolant, do not attempt to fix this leak yourself or even to clean up the spilled coolant. Instead, you should immediately contact an emergency repair contractor to address the issue.

3. Your Air Conditioner Is Causing Water Damage

The excess moisture that can result from things such as ice buildup on your cooling coils can easily result in significant water damage inside your home. This type of damage can be quite costly to repair. Consequently, you will want to take steps to minimize any water damage caused by your air conditioner. In many cases, this will mean contacting an emergency repair contractor to eliminate the source of moisture coming from your AC unit.

4. Your Air Conditioner Is Posing A Risk Of Electrical Fire

If your air conditioning unit has exposed wires, is sparking, or is producing a burnt smell, you should consider this an air conditioning emergency that requires an immediate repair. Waiting even a short period of time to address these issues can put your home at a significantly higher risk for an electrical fire. This type of issue should always be handled by a professional contractor due to the high risk of personal injury if the repairs are not completed correctly and in a safe manner.

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