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The Ideal Location For Your New AC Condenser Is A Level Spot That Is Easy To Access

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When you get a new air conditioning unit installed, it's a good time to consider whether your old AC was in a good place. If you're tired of the condenser bothering you when the AC kicks on because it's so loud, you might want to move it to a new location. Here are some things to know about choosing a good spot for your AC condenser.

Improve Areas That Might Not Be Suitable

The condenser has to be level and in a spot where water doesn't collect when it rains. If the area where you want the condenser is sunken, the problem can be improved by adding and compacting soil and installing a concrete slab. The installer may also place the condenser on some legs so that it is elevated to stay out of puddles.

Another consideration is the surrounding landscaping and trees. The condenser needs to have plenty of room around it for ventilation. The air conditioner installation company can position the unit away from the wall of your house to allow for adequate airflow. Nearby shrubs, plants, and low-hanging branches have to be kept trimmed away too. If plant growth is a problem, you or the installation company may need to clear out the plants before the condenser is installed and put down pavers or gravel so the condenser has a protective border around it.

Make Sure The Condenser Is Easily Accessible

Another reason the air conditioner needs plenty of space around it is so you and your AC company have room to install it and service it over the years. You'll need to keep the condenser clean, and your AC company needs to do routine annual maintenance and make occasional repairs. Having easy access to all sides of the condenser is important, so you don't want to tuck the condenser away in a corner or enclose it with fencing that can't be opened up or moved.

Choose A Place Near The Electrical Panel

The condenser doesn't necessarily have to be right under the electrical panel, but the installation is easier if the two are fairly close together. Talk to the AC installation contractor if you want the condenser on a different side of the house from the electrical panel because local codes may stipulate how close the condenser should be to the disconnect box and panel.

Another reason to choose a place close to the electrical panel is that these panels are usually on a side of the house that's hidden from the street. You may want your AC to be out of sight if possible, and you might even want it hidden behind a fence in the backyard. By keeping all your equipment in one location, the other sides of your house can be landscaped and kept attractive to improve your home's curb appeal.

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