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3 Ways To Install Your AC Outdoors

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When you're ready to get a new central air conditioner installed, you have several decisions when it comes to the type of unit you get and where you'll have it installed. For instance, you can have an air conditioner installed on the ground, on the wall of your house, or on the roof. Here's a look at these three options.

1. Installing An AC On The Ground

Many people choose to install air conditioners on the ground on concrete pads. You can also buy feet for the air conditioner so the AC is elevated several inches off of the pad. Putting the AC on the ground is a good option because it makes the parts easy to reach for cleaning and servicing.

However, it's important that the area where you put the air conditioner doesn't collect water during heavy rains. A danger associated with an air conditioner at ground level is flooding. If water gets too deep, your AC could be ruined.

2. Mounting An Air Conditioner On The Wall

Putting your AC on the exterior wall of your home is a good choice because it gets the big air conditioner out of your way. If you have a narrow side yard, an AC could prevent you from pulling your car next to the house. The AC could take valuable playing space away from your kids.

Your installer can mount the air conditioner above head level on the wall using brackets. When an AC is installed this way, vibrations through the house could be a problem, so you'll want to position the unit on a wall away from your bedroom.

3. Installing An Air Conditioner On The Roof

Putting an AC on the roof is a good way to keep it secure from vandals, and it also keeps the unit out of your way entirely. However, the air conditioner may be visible from the street, so you may want to consider if other homes in your neighborhood have units on the roof too so your home doesn't look out of place.

You'll also want to consider the local climate and the way wind and sun affect your roof. Placing the unit where it gets shade is helpful, and you'll also want to place it above a closet or a room where noise won't bother you.

Consider the pros and cons of each method of air conditioning installation and contact a company like Bowen Refrigeration for further advice. If using all of your yard is important to you, then getting the AC off of the ground could be a good choice that will protect the air conditioner too.