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4 Reasons Your AC System Is Not Cooling Your Business

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Running a business is stressful. Not only will you need to worry about your business's specific products and services, but you also need to manage employees and clients. In addition, ensuring your business's facility and offices are in proper working condition is also important. Unfortunately, your company's AC system may not be at the top of your list of priorities in regards to building maintenance. However, improper cooling can lead to a variety of problems, including humidity issues, health concerns, and a great deal of discomfort. This guide will help you understand a few common reasons why your air conditioning is not cooling your business.

Improper Load

An improper load or improper size of system is one of the most common reasons why you are unable to cool your business. Before installing a system, a detailed load calculation suited to commercial air conditioning should be completed by the contractors.

A load calculation uses numerous details to determine what size of a system is appropriate for your business's needs. For example, the calculation takes into account the size of the building, the building's layout, current insulation, and your climate.

Another factor contractors will look at is the nature of your business, since certain types of equipment and machinery can affect the building's heating and cooling. Basically, a commercial kitchen will need more cooling power than a retail establishment.

Specific Lighting and Equipment

Again, certain types of lighting, machinery, and equipment can affect how well your system conditions the space.

Having a bright workspace is helpful for your employees. Bright light can increase productivity by enhancing energy levels. Bright lighting can also decrease fatigue and improve a person's mood. Unfortunately, bright lighting can also affect your building's temperature.

If you have large, bright lights that stay on throughout the day, the space may feel warmer than it actually is. This warmer air will cause your air conditioning to run longer in an attempt to reach cooler temperatures, which will be difficult to achieve.

Larger machinery and appliances that use a good amount of energy or create steam can also affect the air temperature in your building. Therefore, you may struggle to cool your business due to running these pieces of equipment, machinery, or appliances.

Lack of Maintenance

If you have a system with an appropriate load but the air conditioning is still not cooling your business environment, you may have been lacking in maintenance. Maintenance is important to ensure the system is not just cooling but is also cooling in the most effective and energy-efficient manner.

Considering that you are busy running your own business, you may lack the time needed to conduct periodic inspections and maintenance tasks. Therefore, signing up for a routine maintenance agreement is helpful.

This agreement ensures your contractor inspects your system periodically, especially before the main summer cooling season, to make sure the air conditioning will work effectively. These tune-ups will also include filter changes, which are essential for moving air in and out of the building's interior.

Maintenance may also include inspecting and repairing damaged ductwork and cleaning the condenser coils for improved air circulation.

Blocked Vents/Opened Doors

Large cases of product, equipment, pallet racks, and office furniture can all block vents inside your business. If these materials block the vents or returns, air cannot move in and out to condition the air of your building. This will affect the system's ability to cool.

Also, many commercial spaces and warehouses have large doors that remain open for daily deliveries and pickups. Even though they are crucial for your business, cooled air will escape through the doors while warm air enters, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Help is available if you are struggling to cool your business. For more information on commercial cooling needs, contact a company like Robison Air today.