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Understanding The Risks that Mold In Your HVAC System Can Cause

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When homeowners think about mold, they may assume that this is a problem that will only seriously impact the attic and crawlspace of the home. However, mold can pose a significant problem for the HVAC system, which will then pose its own unique set of challenges and risks.

Understand The Full Range Of Risks That Mold Can Pose To Your HVAC System

After mold becomes established in an HVAC system, it can contribute to major problems for the mechanical components. One of these risks will be the ability of the mold to clog the moving parts. Also, the mold will be able to spread through the ducts. This will make it extremely difficult to remove since specialized equipment is needed to be able to reach into the ducting.

Limit Your Exposure To Mold Spores

Mold spores can be extremely unhealthy to inhale. However, it can be very easy to inadvertently inhale a large number of these spores when attempting to clean and sanitize the mold colonies. Unfortunately, cleaning is not the only time that this type of exposure can occur. These spores can be spread through the home by the air circulating through the HVAC system and ducting, which then leads to substantial exposure over the course of time. Professional cleaning can be the most effective way of balancing the competing needs of having the mold in the HVAC system rapidly removed while reducing the risk of exposure.

Identify And Correct The Cause Of Your HVAC Mold Problem

After you have addressed your HVAC system's mold problem, it is important to take some time to identify the cause of the mold issues. Otherwise, the conditions that lead to the mold problem occurring are likely to continue, which can allow a new mold problem to develop relatively soon after. In most instances, this will involve excessive moisture. Fortunately, an experienced HVAC technician will be able to analyze your system to determine the issues that are creating these conditions so the right mitigating steps can be taken.

When an HVAC system develops a serious mold problem, the homeowner will have to be able to address this problem if they are to preserve the performance of their air conditioning and heating systems along with the health of those inside the home. Once a homeowner becomes aware of the unique threats and challenges HVAC mold problems can create, they will be able to more able to protect their HVAC system against this issue.