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A Look at Installing a Furnace in a Small Cabin

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If you have a small cabin, it might be possible to heat it with a fireplace or pellet stove. However, if you want the most convenient and uniform source of heating across multiple rooms, you should have a forced air furnace installed. Then, you'll have a constant source of heat that you won't have to maintain frequently to keep a fire going. Here's a look at having a furnace installed in a cabin.

Don't Choose a Furnace That's Too Big

One problem with a small house is you might buy a furnace that's too big. While it may seem like a bigger furnace will keep your house nice and warm, a big furnace can actually be bad. It runs inefficiently and kicks on and off more often, which could wear it out sooner. Let a furnace installation professional look at your cabin and factor in the square footage along with insulation and other factors to determine the perfect size that allows your furnace to cycle properly and keep your home a uniform temperature.

Buy an Energy-Efficient Furnace

When it comes to spending money on increasing energy efficiency, it's usually a good investment when it comes to a furnace. If you live in the cabin all winter, then you want heating bills you can afford, and the best way to do that is making sure the structure is insulated well and running an energy-efficient furnace. New furnaces are usually efficient, but some are better than others, and the more efficient the furnace is, the more it costs. You can judge the efficiency by reading the Energy Star label. Also, the furnace installer can help you choose the right level of efficiency based on your local climate and the type of home you have. The end result should be a furnace that operates affordably and keeps your cabin comfortable on the coldest days of winter.

Decide Where to Place the Furnace and Ducts

Finding the right place to install the heating system might be a challenge in a small cabin. If you're in the process of building a cabin, you can include an area for the ducts in a conditioned space of the home and a room for the furnace. However, if you're retrofitting a heating system for an old cabin, then the installer must decide on the best placement considering the size and layout of your house. A furnace needs space around it for ventilation, so it can't be placed just anywhere. A basement is ideal, or a large closet might work if you don't have a basement. Remember to think about easy access in the coming years so the furnace can be serviced and cleaned regularly.