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Apartment Living: How To Talk To Your Landlord About Heating Issues

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If you're sick of walking around in your apartment wearing oversized sweaters, a beanie, and multiple pairs of fuzzy socks, then it might be time to talk to your landlord about ways that they can better heat your home. If you have a landlord that' s a little bit more difficult to talk to, then this article is just for you. From changing your furnace filter to investing in some space haters, this article will list a few things to bring up to your landlord the next time that you talk to them. Are you ready to take a closer look?

Furnace Filters

Has your landlord asked to change your furnaces filter lately? If not, then it may be really dirty and need to be changed. Furnace filters are designed to filter out dirty air, dirt, and particle that may enter into the system and make it work slowly. If you have a dirty filter, it may make your whole system not function as well which will leave you feeling cold. Ask your landlord about either changing the filter yourself or see if they can pay to have it changed for you by a heating professional.

Furnace Tune Up

If you notice that your apartment is especially cold even when you crank up your thermostat, then it may be because your furnace needs to be tuned up. When your landlord hires a furnace repair professional, they will come out to your apartment, take a closer look at the inside of your furnace including your pilot light, look at the filter, and then fix anything that needs to be fixed. Plus, they will give your landlord the bill so you won't have to worry about it. 

Space Heaters

Sometimes, landlords are really busy or really hard to get a hold of. If you can't seem to pin down your landlord, consider getting some space heaters to use in the meantime. Space heaters are great ways to heat up small spaces without using too much energy. Just make sure that you buy a space heater that turns off automatically and that is less likely to overheat so that it's not a fire risk.

It can be difficult to talk to your landlord about heating problems; especially if they don't listen. Use the tips listed in this article to help make sure that your landlord listens to you and helps your apartment heat up.