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How to Cool Your Home Better This Coming Summer

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Did you struggle to keep your home cool this past summer? Do you have a central air conditioning system that you rely on to cool your home? Here you'll find a few things that you can do to improve the efficiency of the system and a few changes to make to your home to make it easier to keep cool.

Start with a Service Check

The very first thing to do is to have the system serviced. If something is malfunctioning in the system, it will not cool as well as it should, and it will suck down the electricity like it's free. During the service check, the entire system will be inspected and anything that is in need of repair, will be identified and recommendations will be made.

In some instances, the technician may explain that your system is outdated and could be replaced. You have to decide if that's in your best interest. Although the initial investment is great, the savings that you see once the new system is in place will make up for the cost of installing the new unit – one that actually cools your home when it turns on. Contact an HVAC service, like West County Heating and Cooling, for more information.

Make Changes around the Home

Making a few changes around the home can help you keep things cool this summer.

Seal the windows and doors – this really should have been done before winter hit, but if you didn't get around to it, it's better late than never. Check for air leaks around each and every door and window around the home. Use a stick of incense to find drafts coming in around the windows. Then, use a bit of window caulking to seal them up tight.

Hang some thermal drapes in the rooms that get the most sun. If you can keep the sun from coming in, the space will stay cooler much easier.

Circulate the air in your home with ceiling fans or box fans. If you can circulate the air, it will keep all of the areas at a lower temperature.

Lower the humidity levels in your home. Heat feels hotter when there's moisture present. Run a dehumidifier to pull the unwanted moisture out of the air. If you have lots of houseplants, consider downsizing your collection as they are releasing more moisture into your home.

These changes can help to keep you more comfortable this coming summer. Hopefully, your utility bills will go down and your comfort levels will rise. If not, talk with your local HVAC professional about other options for cooling the home, like geothermal cooling.