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3 Considerations Of Buying A New Furnace For Your Home

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If you have had issues with your furnace, you may be considering an upgrade. If your furnace is older, it may be difficult to find a suitable replacement. If that is the case, you may look at different styles of furnaces that will work for your home. Here are three considerations of buying a new furnace and scheduling furnace installation that you need to keep in mind before you settle on an option.

Type of Fuel

The first thing to consider about a new furnace installation is the type of fuel you want the furnace to use. There are three main options which include gas, electric, and oil-based heating. If you are looking for an economically sound option, then you may want to choose gas as the fueling option. However, if you live in an area where they temperatures can become very cold during the winter months, then an oil fuel may be an ideal option. The oil-based furnaces can put out a higher level of heat for extreme temperatures. For homes in a moderate climate, electric options may be ideal.

Size of the Furnace

You may not consider the size of the furnace when you choose your next upgrade. The truth is, you do need to consider the size of your home versus the size of the furnace. You will need to have a consultation appointment with a contractor. During this appointment, the contractor will come in and do a load calculation. The load calculation results will help you determine the BTU size you will need for the furnace based on your home. This will give you the best option for keeping your entire home comfortable.

Filters and Home Air Quality

Keep in mind that your furnace will use blowers. These blowers distribute the air throughout the home. With this being the case, you will need filters in your home to help reduce the chance of debris and dust entering the air quality. Your contractor can check on the filters and help you with replacements and with installation during the consultation and the furnace installation process.

By considering these key points about a new furnace for your home, you can make a better choice for your needs. If you have questions about furnace installation or a new furnace, contact your HVAC contractor. They can help you and schedule a delivery and furnace installation date that works for you and your household.