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Problems Your AC System Could Experience If You Don't Change The Air Filter

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Changing the filter on your air conditioner system might not be something you think of often, but it should be. Taking the time to replace this filter every month, or at least a few times each year, is vital for the operations of your system. If you fail to replace your air filter, you may encounter some of the following problems with your system.

It will spread dirty air to your house

One of the key purposes of this air filter is to remove contaminants from the air. The benefit of this is that it helps keep your home cleaner and the air safer to breathe. If you do not replace this filter, you could be spreading a lot of dirty and contaminated air throughout your home. This could make your family sick, and it could leave your house much dustier than it should be.

It will cause your system to run inefficiently

The efficiency of your AC system controls how well it cools your house and the amount of energy it uses to cool your home. If you want to save money on your AC costs, you should keep the air filter clean. Without replacing the air filter, your system will run in a way that is less efficient. This will require using more energy, and it will increase the costs of your energy bills.

Your system may overheat or ice up

Without a clean air filter, your AC system cannot operate as it should. One problem a dirty air filter causes is a restriction of airflow. When airflow is restricted to your system, it not only runs inefficiently, but it could also overheat or ice up. When either of these things happen, the system will probably shut off to solve the problem. If it shuts off, it will not be able to cool your house, and you may find that the temperature in your house is very uncomfortable.

Your system could break down

The other important thing to realize is that failing to replace your air filter could potentially damage your system, and if this happens, your system will stop running completely. Repairing the parts of an AC system can be costly, and this is another reason to make sure you change your air filter as often as needed.

Air filters are very affordable and easy to replace. If you need help with this, or if your system is not working properly, contact an air conditioning contractor at a company like Air Care Systems today.