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How To Clean Your Condenser Unit

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There are several important components of a central condenser unit that you can fix on your own. Most people will have their AC system regularly serviced by HVAC professionals. This is still vital, but these simple DIY jobs can help reduce your repair bills in the long run. They can also help keep your unit more energy efficient, saving you money on a monthly basis. This article explains 3 simple ways to clean your condenser.

Clean the Main Compartment

You can do all 3 of these jobs in the same day. First, you need to turn the power off to your unit by hitting the breaker. Most condensers don't have a physical ON/OFF switch. Once the power is off, you can start by removing the bird guard on the top of your unit. This protective metal cage can be removed by removing a couple of screws. You will definitely need a power drill for this. Once you have access to the main compartment, you can wipe off the fan blades. Most importantly, you want a hose vacuum so you can suck all the dirt and leaves off the floor of the unit.

Clean the Coils

Now, you should spray down the coils on the inside and outside of the unit. The coils are the aluminum sheets that line most (if not all) of the walls. If you look closely you will notice thin gaps between the metal ridges. Dirt is bound to get stuck between these ridges. A stern stream of water will definitely break up most of the dirt. You can use some liquid cleaner to help break down the dirt.

Check the Hose

The final task is not a cleaning job, but it is necessary if you want to ensure that your unit is producing adequate airflow. Check the hose that leads out of the back of the condenser and leads into the wall. This hose is often is perfect condition but the fittings can get lose. Check the hose clamps to make sure they are tight. There is also a chance that your hose can get punctured or even get holes chewed in it by a rodent. Since it is exposed to the elements, you should regularly check it to ensure it is in good working order. You can use duct tape to fix any small holes.

These 3 jobs can be done within a couple of hours, so do them ASAP.