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Why To Pass On A Window Air Conditioner And Use Central Air

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If you need to get air conditioning for your home, you'll find yourself debating between a window unit and central AC. Both systems will have their benefits, but you'll find that central AC is the much better choice overall. Here are 3 reasons that you should get central AC instead of a window unit.

Overall Comfort

A home that has central AC will be comfortable for everyone due to several factors. The first comfort is due to it creating less noise. A window unit is going to very noisy, making it difficult to hear others that you are talking to or even the TV. You'll find that the noise can be disruptive, often making you chose between silence or cool air. Central AC has a condenser located outside of the home, so you won't hear it running unless you are outside.

Central air conditioning will also create cool air that that is more comfortable from a temperature perspective. The entire home will feel like the same temperature, rather than having some rooms be cooler than others. It will ensure that you do not need to unnecessarily run the window unit colder in one room just to feel it in the other.

Energy Efficiency

The energy savings with central AC is going to be quite dramatic when compared to a window unit if you're trying to cool off your entire home. You'll need several window units running at once, and find that your electric bills are going to go up as a result.

Window units also don't have very great climate controls like a programmable thermostat. You may find yourself running a window unit more than you have to in order to get a room to the temperature that you want.

Home Investment

Know that when it comes time to sell your home, potential buyers will see central air conditioning as a perk. You will easily be able to get your money back that you paid for the installation by selling your home for a higher amount. Many sellers take their window units with them when moving out, and buyers don't see a value in needing to have them in your home.

If you decided that you want to upgrade to central AC, contact a local HVAC provider for more information. They can provide you with a consultation and discuss how much it will cost to have central air conditioning installed. You can also visit websites like