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How To Clean Your Furnace Pump

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The efficiency of your furnace depends on a number of important factors. Of course, if your furnace is not functioning, there are certain things that you won't be able to fix unless you are an HVAC professional. However, one of the best do-it-yourself furnace maintenance jobs is cleaning the pump. This article explains how to safely access and clean your furnace pump.

Shutting Down Your Furnace

It is very important that you properly shut down your furnace before working on it. First, you want to turn off your thermostat. Then, you will need to remove the access panel. Most of the time you won't need any tools to remove the furnace access panel. However, on some older furnaces the panel is attached by a single screw. Once you open the panel, one of the first things you will see is the gas control knob. Turn this knob to the OFF position. Finally, you want to completely cut the power to the furnace by finding the breaker switch. Only now, once the thermostat, gas, and furnace are all turned off, can you safely work on the pump.

Finding and Cleaning the Pump

The furnace pump is usually located in a plastic case. There will be electric wires leading into the casement, and certain sides will have vents. These vents help to cool down the electrical system within the pump. They can get clogged with dust, especially if the furnace filter is not changed on a regular basis. Check the integrity of the wires and make sure none of them are loose. Keep in mind that if you try and wipe away the dust, there is a chance that you will just push it into the pump. The job is much easier and more effective if you vacuum the dust out of the vents with a hose vacuum. This will also remove any dust within the pump that you cannot see from the outside.

The great thing about this simple task is that you don't need to open up your furnace pump encasement. In fact, only licensed professionals should mess with this complicated component. However, by doing the simple cleaning, you could definitely help the productivity of the pump. Since this job only take a few minutes, you should do it every year. Even if the pump doesn't seem too dusty or clogged, it is worth quickly cleaning it on a regular basis.

For professional assistance with your furnace, contact a heating repair company in your area.