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How To Replace An Old, Broken Gas Furnace Igniter With A Universal Igniter

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A gas furnace relies on the presence of an igniter that provides a spark of heat to start the combustion process. If the furnace doesn't sense the igniter, the gas won't come out since the unit thinks it isn't time to heat. So a broken gas furnace igniter can prevent the furnace from operating at all.

If you need to replace a broken igniter, consider installing a new universal igniter, which requires little maintenance and operates more efficiently than old pilot light style igniters. Installing the part isn't hard, but you can always call a heating repair company to install the part if you feel uncomfortable working with delicate parts.

What You Need:

•    New universal igniter

•    Screwdriver

•    Wire cutters

•    Wire nuts

Step 1: Remove the Old Igniter

Shut off the electricity to the furnace unit using the shut-off switch or main circuit breaker.

Rotate the knobs on the combustion panel door to loosen then lift up to remove the panel door. Set the door aside out of your way.

Disconnect the igniter wire connector. Use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screw connecting the igniter to the furnace. Pull the igniter free of the furnace.

Step 2: Install the Universal Igniter

Remove the universal igniter from its packaging. Use wire cutters to trim the new igniter wires to the same length as the wires on the old igniter. Strip off the very tips of insulation on the wires using the old wires as a length guide, if necessary.

Cut the wires on the old igniter to remove the wire connector for reusing on the new igniter. Strip off the end tips of insulation on the wire connector's wires. Hold the stripped ends of the wire connector and the new igniter together in pairs. Secure them together by twisting a wire nut onto each of the pairs.

Align the tab on the igniter with the slot on the mounting bracket inside the furnace. Carefully insert the igniter into the burner housing. Insert the mounting screws and tighten with a screwdriver to secure.

Connect the wire connector to the hanging wire connector from when you unhooked the old igniter. The two connectors should snap together easily.

Put the combustion chamber panel back on the furnace and tighten its fasteners. Turn on the power and gas supplies then the furnace to conduct a test run to see if the unit works correctly. If the unit still doesn't work, call a company like Advanced Heating & Cooling for advanced troubleshooting.